Free Updates for OBDScan-APEX

First, if you are looking for a software upgrade then go to the Software download page.  Software upgrades are free also.  We now are offering current owners of  OBDScan-APEX units an opportunity to upgrade your firmware, which involves flashing the microcomputer chip.  Our current firmware version is 1.5, if your tool has 1.4 or lower then you can receive the update.  The upgrade is free if you return the unit to Harrison R&D along with $9.50 shipping/handling.

 If you are capable of changing the socketed chip, we will send you a chip for $19.00 + $9.50 S&H, and you can do a chip swap.

There are two ways to pay for the shipping charges:

1. You can send a check or money order to Harrison R&D

2. Pay through PayPal by sending the payment to
Please specify which upgrade you want and the type of OBDScan you have.

Harrison R&D
9802 Sagequeen
Houston,Tx. 77089

Ph - 281-751-8836