Support and Download for OBDScan-USB
If you have an OBDScan-USB then this is the right place
This is not the place for CANScan tools

Download USB Drivers Here - These files need to be placed in the root of the drive from which they will be installed.  A USB Flash drive works very well.  Run Install2000.bat if you have Windows 2000 or XP.  Run install98 if you have Windows 98 or ME.
If you have problems:

1. If Windows reports "Unrecognized Device" when tool is plugged: then there is an incompatibility between the tool and the computer.  This is normally caused by the USB power source in the computer not supplying sufficient power to the scan tool.  The only solution is to place a self powered USB hub between the tool and the computer.  This has been seen on some older Dell laptops.

2. Driver Problems

The most common problem is with the USB tool is the USB drivers either not installing properly or having the wrong USB drivers installed for the Windows version used. The first step is to check Device Manager for known USB devices. DO NOT connect the scan tool yet.  Note in the figure below the Generic USB Driver circled in yellow.  You should see this driver in the USB Serial Bus Controllers of your computer .



Keeping Device Manager open,  connect the scan tool with the supplied USB cable .  The drivers in the USB Serial Bus Controllers should now include OBDScan OBD-II Interface


If  the Generic USB Driver did not show up after the driver installation, and you are running Windows 2000 or XP,  then go to the supplied CD and run a file called Install2000.bat.  Check Device Manager after running Install2000 and see if the Generic USB Driver is there, it should be, if not please email or call us.

If ‘OBDScan OBD-II Interface’ does not show up then there is a problem with the computer reading the OBDScan tool.  One problem we have seen in this area is a ‘weak’ USB power source.  The OBDScan tool requires about 150ma, a USB mouse only needs about 50ma.  The OBDScan also need the full 5.0v as defined by the USB specification.  Some Dell computers did not comply with that specification.  What you should do is try putting the OBDScan on a self-powered USB Hub.  This will eliminate the computer USB power problems.