Support and Download for CANScan-USB
If you have an CANScan-USB then this is the right place
This is not the place for OBDScan tools

Download USB Drivers Here - These files are for CANScan-USB ONLY. Do not use with OBDScan.  Follow installation directions below.
If you have problems:

1. If Windows reports "Unrecognized Device" when tool is plugged: then there is an incompatibility between the tool and the computer.  This is normally caused by the USB power source in the computer not supplying sufficient power to the scan tool.  The only solution is to place a self powered USB hub between the tool and the computer.  This has been seen on some older Dell laptops.

2. Driver Installation

Connect scan tool to computer and vehicle using the supplied cables.   You will get screen like shown:


Select “Install from a List or specific location” as shown above. Click “Next” to continue and the window shown below will pop up.



Select “Search removable Media” as shown.  Be sure the supplied CD is in the CD drive.  The computer will search the CD for the CANScan Drivers.

This next screen means we have not registered the software with the mother ship (Microsoft) but we have tested it on all versions of Windows and have not found any problems.  Select “Continue Anyway” to finish the driver installation.


Select Finish when the next window pops up, the installation will now complete.


Next, install the OBDScan application 3.50 or higher from the CD.  After the application is installed follow the following procedure:

1.      Connect the scan tool to a CAN equipped vehicle and the computer.  Turn the ignition all the way ON.

2.      Run the OBDScan application.  Under the Connection menu, select USB, then click “Request Current Powertrain Diagnostic Data” radio button

3.      The OBDScan window should look similar to:


            If you do not get this window go back and be sure you have installed the correct driver and the USB cable is properly inserted in both the computer and the OBDScan.

All required software is now installed and the tool is ready to use.