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OBDScan Software

--VISTA ,Win 7, Win8, Win10 and XP compatible--
  The version 6.21 for OBDScan-APEX  is now available for download. Windows 8 compatible. Bug fixes: Misfire Monitor bug with some newer GM vehicles fixed, software freeze fixed. 
Battery/Alternator  Test function in 6.01 and above.  This software ONLY runs with the OBDScan-APEX units. The software has been run on Windows 98 but it's not really recommended unless you have nothing else.

Standard Software Features:
        1. Scan Vehicle - Gives you a snapshot of all supported OBD-II and EOBD sensors, fuel trims, emission monitors and number of trouble codes if any.  Our software even provides an estimated fuel consumption!

        2. Read Trouble Codes -
Read all Stored and Pending Trouble codes, includes all Powertrain, Chassis, Network and Chassis codes

        3. Read Freeze Frame Data -
Gives you a snapshot of actual engine conditions when the trouble code was stored

        4. Clear Codes/Reset Check Engine Light -
Clears trouble codes, resets emission monitors and turns off  Check Engine or Service Engine Soon Light

        5. Graphical Display -
Displays scan data in an Oscilloscope like manner. Gives the user the ability to select which scan data is to be displayed and has a data logging function built in for storage in an Excel compatible file.  This can show live data and record simultaneously.

        6. Real Time Air/Fuel Ratio Meter -
For cars and trucks equipped with a factory Wide Band O2 Sensor, see and data log the AFR real time.

        7. 6X Data Logger -
Allows logging of up to 6 different sensors/fuel trims simultaneously, when run with a CAN vehicle, all 6 items are read as a block, which greatly increases data throughput

Glass Dashboard-  A dashboard with Speedometer, Tach, Water temp, Air Temp, Volts, Air Flow or Manifold Pressure (depending on how vehicle is equipped), and Short Term Fuel Trim.
        9. Report Generator - Allows printing all OBD-II Emissions Monitors, sensor data, Trouble Codes and vehicle data.  Can add Name, address and test notes.

      10. Battery/Alternator  Test - test the condition of the battery and charging system without opening the hood.  The APEX reads the battery voltage on the OBD-II connector and prompts the user to start the vehicle while the voltage is being recorded.  Find out if the battery is getting weak of if the alternator is not fully charging the battery.

     11. Misfire Monitor Real Time Display -  Is your car runing rough?  Think you have a misfire problem?  Now you can watch misfires as they occur by cylinder.  The Misfire Monitor in OBD II computers watches the crankshaft sensor. If a misfire occurs, the crankshaft slows down briefly. When there is a misfire present the task manager will see an amplitude change in the signal as illustrated in the above left photograph  As a back up the task manager looks at the oxygen sensor voltage. High oxygen content in the exhaust helps confirm that a misfire occurred. If the task manager sees both of these conditions, it will illuminate the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp). If a severe misfire occurs, the PCM may flash the MIL as a driver alert.  The Misfire Monitor RealTime display is available for all gas fueled cars and trucks with the Controller Area Network (CAN) used for OBD-II data.

USB Driver for Windows 7, 32 and 64bit  >  setup driver 2.08
This will download a self executable.  Run the file and the latest driver will be installed.  Do NOT have the scan tool plugged into the computer when installing the driver.

Microsoft .NET 4.0 for all versions of Windows 7
dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe869 KBDOWNLOAD


Download OBDScan621.zip

Version 6.20 works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Download OBDScan Version 6.19 for APEX
Version 6.19 now works with Windows 8.  Recommend the Microsoft .NET 4.0 be installed with this software.

Download the instructions for version 6

Download OBDScan-APEX CD in zip format (25meg)

Download October 2009 APEX CD Here (52 meg)

For Owners of our other OBDScan products, the following guidelines should be followed for download loading software for your specific tool.

a. If you have OBDScan with RS232 then Download> OBDScanV356R1 
b. If you have OBDScan-USB then  Download>OBDScanV356R1 
        Download>USB Drivers for OBDScan 
c. If you have CANScan-RS232 then  Download> OBDScanV356R1 
d. If you have CANScan-USB then  Download> OBDScan 4.20R8.zip
Download> USB Drivers for CANScan 
e. If you have OBDScan+CAN then  Download> OBDScan 4.30.zip

Download OBDScan Manual

Download original (2001) distribution software
--- only use if your running Win95 and processor is slower than 100MHz 486 --

2. The latest Windows Application for OBDScan-USB, NOT APEX units


The Data Log and Real Time Viewer for OBDScan v3.56

Latest OBDScan applications for all OBDScan and CANScan units.

Download> OBDScanV356R1  Updated March 16, 2005 for OBDScan tools, do not use with CANScan
Download> USB Drivers for OBDScan  Updated March 9, 2005 for OBDScan tools, do not use with CANScan


Important Notice:

If you have the new OBDScan+CAN then use
OBDScan 4.30.zip, not the 4.20 listed below.

Download> OBDScan 4.20R8.zipUpdated Jan 2007 for CANScan tools and OBDScan-RS232 - The version 4.03 and higher has a new look-feel and has been rewritten in the .NET environment. This means a faster and more stable product.  Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, to run.  CANScan users note: The special CAN6X data log function will not work with firmware older than version 1.5.  Version 1.5 and up will support the CAN6X

Download> USB Drivers for CANScan  Updated March 9 2005 for OBDScan tools, do not use with OBDScan
The OBDScan-USB and CANScan-USB use different drivers so the application programs are slightly different for each one.  It does not make a difference on the RS232 versions of the tools, they all operate the same



3.0 The Extended Data program  lets you choose the parameters and displays them in a four-parameter screen as seen below.  It has the capability to record and save data to a file. Coming soon for CANScan.

The parameters are selected with drop down menus from a master list.  Another screen is used to load the PID file displays the long PID description by each abbreviated name for your ease of use when selecting PID for display.  For example, it's not obvious that ACP stands for A/C Head Pressure Switch Input, by having the full description available it will reduce errors in selection.  The PID file load and display screen is shown below.  It's possible to have both the Quadmeter window and the PIP description window up at the same time.  This way you can see the full definition of the PID and not just the mnemonic when you are selecting parameters for display.


Extended Data Program for F/W 4.15 and up ( newest program 02-19-2005)
Works with both the RS232 and USB versions of OBDScan, not for CANScan or OBDScan+CAN

Extended Data Software for F/W 4.0 and lower
Extended Data Software for older OBDScan units

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