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OBDScan for Palm OS PDA's
Not for Air Bag and Antilock Brake Systems
OBDScan Version 7

Harrison R&DOBDScan HomePDA Packages

Harrison R&D is pleased to announce the availability of the next generation in PDA scan tool software. This is a professionally developed program for the Palm OS handheld computers. As a companion to the Harrison R&D OBDScan tool, nearly every function available on the OBDScan Windows program is available on the Palm software, plus a real time Gas Mileage calculation, for vehicles supporting this parameter. By using a PDA as a scan tool you can avoid buying a laptop or running a long RS-232 cable into the house for your home PC. You can have the advantages of the handheld scan tools at a fraction of the cost. Please note that our Palm OS application will only operate with the OBDScan from Harrison R&D. 

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Get the OBDScan for PDA manual here

Will it work on my car?
If your car or light truck (8500lbs GVW or less) is 1996 or newer and sold in North America then our product will work with it.  Some 1994 and 1995 vehicles were OBD-II compliant also. If your vehicle has a OBD-II Compliant sticker under the hood then it's compatible with the OBDScan. In addition to the multi OBD-II tool we also offer versions for only a single interface at a reduced cost. See the price structure below.

The OBDScan for Palm software 6.0 has added 100's of new trouble codes, such as the P0034 as shown and the new UXXXX series of vehicle network codes.  Don't be left without the information you need.  Of course the manufactures codes will be displayed and the definitions are found on our CD.

Will it read all trouble codes including the manufactures?
Yes, all power train trouble codes are displayed, even the manufactures. For all generic PXXXX and UXXXX series trouble codes we display the code definition for your convenience on the screen.

Will it read Pending Trouble Codes?
Yes. A pending trouble code is a trouble code that has been noted but has not been stores, resulting in the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light coming on. On the OBDScan you can see that one or more trouble codes are present but the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is OFF.

Is Windows software available?
Of course, our Windows application is always included with the OBDScan.

Why buy OBDScan?
1. True OBD-II interface
2. Friendly user interface, attractive price
3. Works with both Palm and Handspring PDA's
4. Trouble Code definition is displayed along with the trouble code for generic codes.
5. Free Windows and Palm application software upgrades
6. Hardware upgrades available for reasonable cost
7. Available with both Windows and Palm OS applications

How do I use the OBDScan?
Using OBDScan with a Palm OS computer is simple. You use the HotSync function of the Palm software to download the OBDScan software from your PC or Mac. The OBDScan protocol converter connects to the Palm with a serial cable and the protocol converter then plugs into the OBD-II connector in the vehicle. See figure.

When the OBDScan program is started, a spinning line indicates that data is being received from the vehicle. In a few seconds the diagnostic data will appear on the screen as shown in the top picture. In a manner similar to the PC software version, by tapping any of the dynamic data with the stylus you can get another screen for that parameter as a digital meter with rapid update. See figure below.

A new feature has been added to the Palm version of OBDScan, real time gas mileage calculation, as you drive, on vehicles supporting this parameter. Now you can determine optimum gears/speed for the best gas mileage for your specific car.

The OBDScan Palm 7.0 software is intended for Palm and Palm OS PDA's with Palm OS 3.5 or higher and a serial Hotsync or Modem cable. Our older version 3.5 application will run on PALM OS 3.1 or higher and it is included on the CD.  It will not work with USB devices or Visor serial HotSync cradles which rob power from the RS-232 port. When selecting which OBDScan you need, remember that all OBDScan tools are shipped with Windows 9X/ME/XP/2000 software as a standard, and the Palm software will work with any current OBDScan model. The prices shown below reflect the cost of the OBDScan tool plus the $39.00 cost of the Palm software.
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For current owners of OBDScan, send us your email address and a check or money order for $39.00, plus 6.25% tax if in Texas, to Harrison R&D. Current owners of the older Palm application get the upgrade to 6.0 for FREE.  We will send the program to you electronically via email. If you wish to receive a CD containing the software, please add $3.50 to cover the additional cost and we will mail it to you. Please be aware that the Palm OBDScan software only works with the OBDSCan protocol converter, information about it is available from the OBDScan page.
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The confusing part:
If you use a serial HotSync cable with any Palm, Handspring or Sony handheld, then a Male-Male null modem adapter is needed for connection to the OBDScan. We are offering one for $6.00 or you can buy one at most computer stores. 
If you have a Palm (except m100,105) brand unit you can use our new modem cable and no null modem adapter is needed.

For some examples of different Palm based solutions click here.

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Harrison R&DOBDScan HomePDA Packages

 Price List

OBDScan- package for Palm V---  with Windows 9X/ME software, Palm S/W, RS-232 cable, OBD-II cable, Palm Modem cable and CD (includes mfg. codes) Everything needed for your Palm V
Package 1

$165.00 in USA

OBDScan-  for Palm III and VII --with Windows 9X/ME software, Palm S/W, RS-232 cable,OBD-II cable, Palm Modem cable and CD (includes mfg. codes) Everything needed for your Palm III and VII
Package 2

$165.00 in USA

OBDScan- for Palm 500,505,515,125 and i705 --- with Windows 9X/ME software, Palm S/W, RS-232 cable, Palm Modem cable, OBD-II cable,  and CD (includes mfg. codes)Everything needed for your 500,505,515,125,130 and i705 Palm
Package 3

in USA

OBDScan- with both Palm Software and Windows software.  Includes OBD-II cable and RS-232 cable. Order adapter separately- You supply the cable for your Palm OS device
Package 4

in USA

OBDScan-Palm Application - software application only, must be used with OBDScan
Package 5


* No shipping charge if ordered with OBDScan or software via email, $3.85 if mailed.
TEXAS residents add 6.25% sales tax
Canadian orders require $19.00 U.S. Shipping Charge for 2-3 day Express Mail
International orders please call or email for shipping charge


Mail check or money order (U.S. only)
International Orders send Cashiers Check

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