OBDScan™ Mazda Enhanced Data Viewer Software
Order Mazda Enhanced Data Viewer software  --- $ 69.00

For 2003 Mazda6, --2004 Mazda 3,6, RX8, -- 2005 Mazda 3,6, RX8,MPV and Tribute and All 2006 and up Mazda.
Read data from the PCM, TCM (transmission), TPM (tire pressure module) and EPS (electronic power steering), ABS and Airbag.

Requires OBDScan-APEX with firmware version 1.4 or higher and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, free from Microsoft  

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Just what you need for everyday maintenance to heavy duty troubleshooting of complex problems.

When combined with the CANScan-USB tool, the affordable Mazda 6/Mazda3 Enhanced Data Viewer software is an unbeatable solution for both the professional and amateur vehicle technician.

Scanning solution - The CANScan-USB with  Enhanced Data Viewer is packaged with all necessary hardware and software to provide you with the same data that only factory technicians had access to.  Go beyond OBD-II diagnostics with over 200 additional data items including fuel injector pulse width, knock sensor, transmission fluid temp, tire pressure/temperature and many more.



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No tool is worth buying if you can't use it.
We understand that at Harrison R&D.  This product has been designed to facilitate the technician in the most user friendly manner.  Our software provides data in an easily readable text and graphics format.  We would like you to try it out, so we created a demo version of the software anyone can run out on a Windows 98 or higher PC.

Download Demo Software here
OBDScan-APEX required for operation with vehicle, Demo version
runs on any Windows PC without scan tool required.


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Startup Screen

All data is grouped by vehicle system, Powertrain, Transmission, Tire Pressure Monitor,  and Instrument Cluster, ABS and SRS (air bag) systems also. From the list of possible data items to choose from, you select the items of interest and then start the scan.  The items you have selected are moved into a new display area and each of the selected items is also shown graphically so that relationships between items can be distinguished.  There is no limit on the number of items viewed or graphed.

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