The OBD-II tool for all 1996 and later cars and trucks, foreign and domestic.

Works with Windows XP,7,8 and 10

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Now Featuring the OBDScan-APEX version 6.16, more capable than ever before with new software to test battery and alternator condition and realtime misfire monitor. 

Would you buy the cheapest wrench or pliers to repair your car?
Then why look for the cheapest scan tool? Scan tools are like any
other tool, you need the best product at a price you can afford.
The APEX tool, with optional software, can read ABS, Airbag, Body Controller and other vehicle ECU's.  The best value in OBD scanners may not be the lowest cost tool or the most expensive either. Only you can judge whether the scan tool will meet your needs and fit within your budget. Thatís why we would invite you to look at the OBDScan-APEX line of OBD-II scan
tools. We literally have 1000ís of satisfied customers around the
world using OBDScan products. You will get free software upgrades
and unlimited email or phone support, and 1 year warranty.

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