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What to do if:
Software reports "Scantool Not Found"
Software reports "Vehicle Not Found"
Software will not install due to Microsoft Framework version problem
Can't find manufactures trouble code definition
Enhanced Software reports module not found

Error Occurs when START button is pressed or freezes in Windows8

Scantool Not Found:
Usually caused by two conditions, either the USB Driver did not install correctly or there is no 12v power on the vehicles OBD-II connector.
Check Device Manager and see if the scantool USB connection is recognized.
    a. Open Device Manager with the scan tool connected to the vehicle and the computer.  You should see the scan tool as 'USB Serial Port'.  The COM number will vary by the number of USB serial devices connected to the computer in the past.

If the scan tool does not show up when connected to the vehicle and computer, then follow the troubleshooting below.

1. USB Drivers must be installed for the software to read the scan tool.  Our drivers are made by FTDI Chip and are designed to be used with the FTDI USB circuit used on the OBDScan-APEX.  If you are using one of the following Windows versions then use this new
driver setup.

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7

Windows 7 x64

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 x64

Windows Vista

Windows Vista x64

Windows XP

Windows XP x64

Windows 2000

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 x64

If you are using Windows 98 or ME then use this driver 1.09.06


2. No 12v at pin 16 of vehicle OBD-II connector.  The most common cause the the cigar lighter fuse blown. If that is not the case then look for someone disconnecting the 12v power for use on an add-on radio, amplifier or other device.

3. The USB Port is being used by another Process - This can happen if, for example, the OBDScan application was terminated unexpectedly and even though the window closed, the low lever software process is still running.  This can be checked by opening "Windows Task Manager" and looking at the running processes.  If you see OBDScan process and the program has been closed, then select the OBDScan process then click the End Process button.  Now disconnect the scan tool from the vehicle then reconnect and run the OBDScan program again.  Now the error should be cleared up.





Software reports "Vehicle Not Found"

There are a few things which could cause this error.  To get this far means the scan tool was found but it is not communicating with the attached vehicle. 
 a. Vehicle is not OBD-II - must be either OBD-II, EOBD or JOBD (Japan OBD).
 b. Some 1996-1997 Camaro's must be running before the scan tool can communicate with the PCM.
 c. Bad ECU
 d. Bad ground or connection at the vehicle OBD-II connector






Software will not install due to Microsoft Framework version problem

 The .NET Framework is a Microsoft offering and is intended to be used by most new applications created for the Windows platform.  All of our software requires the .NET Framework to be installed on the host computer.  The software is free from Microsoft.  Download version 3.5 here:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=AB99342F-5D1A-413D-8319-81DA479AB0D7&displaylang=en





Can't find manufactures trouble code definition

The manufactures codes, P1XXX series, can be found on our distribution CD which shipped with the tool.  Each auto manufacturer has a separate folder in the Trouble Codes folder





 Enhanced Software reports module not found

This could be that the module in question simply has no trouble codes to read and does not respond to the "Read Codes" command.  It could also mean the module is either not supported by the software or the module is faulty and will not not respond at all.
Sometimes the ABS or AirBag button might be active while engine or transmission is being read.  If either of the ABS or AirBag buttons is clicked then the scan tool software may not be configured for the particular module and report "Module Not Found".  In that case, exit out of the software and restart the program.  Click the Start button as normal and when both the scantool and vehicle have been found, click either of the ABS or AirBag buttons.


Error Occurs when START button is pressed or freezes


When running with Win 7, VISTA or Win 8, set the properties of the executable file as follows.

1.  Locate the executable file, in this case Ford_Enhanced_PEM.exe, in the Programs folder and right click.  Select Properties from the pop-up window to get the Properties window below.

2. Click the Edit button to change permissions for the file.  The Permissions editor will open.  Select Users as shown.  The check all the permission boxes as shown.   

3. Setup program to run as an administrator.  Select the Compatibility tab, then select the “Run this program as an administrator” box as shown.  Click Ok to exit and the executable is now ready to run.