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The next generation of OBDScan tools.
Now with the ability to access OBD-II plus ABS, Air Bag, Body Controllers and many other vehicle systems for selected vehicles.  The APEX series is powered by a fast Digital Signal Processor for reliable, stable vehicle communications at all times.  Professional level capabilities at a lower price! Only $139.99 for the complete OBD-II package, and optional Enhanced software (including ABS and Air Bags) starting at only $69.00

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The OBDScan_APEX™ includes everything you need to scan all 1996-2008 North American vehicles and all EOBD vehicles.  The included software will :

NEW - Print Vehicle Report, all OBD-II sensor and emissions monitoring data, and vehicle data
Read and Clear trouble codes and turn off the check engine light
Read the Emissions monitor status
View and Graph real time sensor data with data log capability
Data Log CAN ( Controller Area Network) data at 6X normal speed
Real Time Air-Fuel Ratio meter for vehicles equipped with factory Wideband O2 Sensor
Dashboard Screen with 7 gauges
Battery/Alternator Test page

Below are some of the pages from our standard software included with the OBDScan-APEX:



Our optional Enhanced Data packages include 100's of additional sensors and vehicle parameters, allowing you get data from body, transmission, ABS, Air Bag, Tire Pressure Monitor systems and more.  Some of the Enhanced Data packages give you the ability to actually control vehicle systems from the scan tool, just like the dealer tools.  Enhanced Data software packages will be available for most car manufactures.

As always, unlimited email and phone support is available 5 days a weeks for all of our products.